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Application scenarios


New energy application cases
3C electronic product application cases
5G communication application cases
Industrial electronics application cases
Thermal conduction application in new energy vehicles
Thermal conduction application of energy storage inverter
Energy storage applications
Consumer Electronics Thermal Applications
Router cooling application
Security monitoring thermal conduction application
Optical module thermal conduction application
Thermal conduction and heat dissipation applications of 5G communication equipment
Smart device cooling applications
Electronic chip transmission heat dissipation application
LED lighting thermal conduction applications
High power switching power supply cooling application
Thermal interface materials (TIM) professional solution service provider
Professional thermal interface material manufacturer and supplier in China
Thermal conductive material

01     Strong technical R&D team
YS New Materials regards technological innovation as the foundation of enterprise survival. It has gathered more than 20 domestic technical talents such as polymer material research experts and thermal management senior engineers to form a cohesive, high-quality and high-standard R&D team to tackle tough problems.
03   Product qualification
It has obtained ISO9001/ISO14001/UL/RoHS/REACH/IATF16949 and other quality management system certifications and standards.
With more than ten years of industry experience, a 1,000-square-meter production office base, and cooperation with over a thousand companies, it has advanced production equipment and optimized processes.
Professional engineers provide professional thermal conductivity solutions for product heat conduction to make products dissipate heat faster.
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Yueyunshang New Materials
"YS New Materials" company is located in Shenzhen, China. It is a professional manufacturer of thermal conductive materials that develops, produces and sells. Products are exported to all over the world. The company has an efficient and experienced materials research and development team. Its product performance has reached a high level in the industry, and it has developed a number of products that are at the leading level in the industry. Our main business: thermal silicone grease, thermal pads, single and double component thermal paste, potting glue, polyurethane structural adhesive, thermal double-sided tape, graphite sheets, we have high-quality products and services, if you have product needs or Agents who are interested in our products are looking forward to your contact. We hope to have in-depth cooperation with you. Thanks
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